Gstaad Say Farewell to Scott Team

Today marks the end of an era as a 4 year partnership with the Swiss resort of Gstaad comes to an end. We have enjoyed an incredible journey with Gstaad as the teams main sponsor, celebrated huge success stories and championed the sport around the globe.

In Gstaad’s official press release they wrote ” Gstaad has been a partner with the Downhill Team since January 2013. In the past four years we have jointly celebrated several top ten places in the World Cup. Working together with the team has exposed Gstaad to a very wide audience, especially via their online media”

Whilst the decision to end a partnership with the team was not easy. Despite the value of the partnership, Gstaad tourism felt it was time to ‘refocus’ following a wide range of circumstances.

Looking back, team manager Claudio Caluori had this to say: “What a time we had during our four years with Gstaad! We certainly had the most radical of training camps. We rode over trails and powder snow, we milked cows, we made cheese, we played the alphorn, and we scaled some very scary mountains too. And, most of all, we met new friends! I thank everyone involved for everything that Gstaad has made possible for us. And now, after our four-year partnership, we can hardly wait to return and explore new parts of the region with our friends.”

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